rental-program-boxThe ebb and flow of census, especially those of higher acuity, makes it more difficult to justify equipment purchases that may sit dormant for months and the person-hours required for maintenance and cleaning of a few specialized items. Clinical Synergy offers short to medium term rental programs, allowing your facilities to more effectively maximize capital, human and facility resources.

  • Inventory Needs: Clinical Synergy provides you with the equipment you require when you need it.
  • Special Equipment Requests: Clinical Synergy is able to source special equipment requests, and get it to you quickly, allowing you to get back to helping people who need it most.
  • Rent Products that Perform: Utilizing numerous vendors and staying up to date with “best practices,” we deliver products that enhance the user and caregivers experience.
  • Service: When you chose Clinical Synergy, we will make sure the product is delivered timely, set up properly, educate your staff on the proper use, and answer any questions they may have. We also provide ongoing service and support through Scheduled Equipment Rounding on all of our equipment to ensure optimal performance and outcomes.